We live here...

Don't envy us

The postcards lie; life on Chincoteague Island...
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"Welcome to Chinocteague Island, the wonderful, gorgeous picture-perfect island located on the Eastern shore of Virginia, close to Assateague island, home of the famous wild ponies. Every year, saltwater cowboys swim the ponies over to the remarkably perfect island of Chincoteague where thousands of people from all over the world come to buy the foals at the auction, buy tee-shirts, eat seafood, and enjoy what Walgreens would describe as "a place called perfect".


We live(d) here.

We know better.

We hate it here.

Everything the touristy gift stores tell you is a lie.

We stop posing for the postcard photographers here.

We also created this community because we figured there should be one out there somewhere. It's the sort of town you love to hate. You don't have to live here to join, by the way.

The jist of things:

-Complain, rant, bitch, whine, laugh, make jokes about tourists,and make sarcastic remarks here. Hate seafood, scream about the name "Misty" (the pain...*shudder*), be sad about the things that happen here. Share the hatred, since misery loves company. Share the funny tourist stories especially - those are always a riot. =P

Join if you live here, or join if you want to know the truth. *cue heroic music: dun-dah-dunnnn!*

-your hosts, brandita and artfuldodger
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