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it seems and doesnt drive me nuts but why all the EMO punks around here. i dont mind punks, but punk isn't SUM 41, Blink 182, and this new punk sounds like crap IMO. What happen to all the good punk? like the clash, the dead kennedy's, Rancid, X-ray specs, and the UK Subs. But i guess everyone keeps up with the new trends around here. I still havent received a call about DJ, to me it makes since. Around here i wouldnt draw the money.... nobody here likes or heard of Darkwave/Industrial/EBM/Synthpop (like KMFDM, OOmph, NIN, Blutengel, Assemblage 23, VNV Nation) . But if you think about it, i would be the middle man. The have a Hip/Hop guy and a rock guy i think, i would be the other side of the spectrum. i had a plan too, hookup a laptop... mix that way, then get another monitor and hook that up, and blast some WinAmp visualization. Most of the diveresity here seems to come in small groups with i dont like that, like finally some Chinese families here, Germans at Ledo's and Corner Mart, some Vietamese at the Siagone Village. its good to have diversity, but i just have to go out walking and find some goths or get people into it. But i consider that people around here might be scared to think or do different, thats that skating place's loss, if i have to be a that person who wants to do something different i will. i would like to make this community bigger. the only way, and the best way i could do it is flyers. I just wanta post a bunch of flyers make people go out, to that Skater place, post here, get the ball rolling. Planly put, im stick of setting on my butt doing nothing and not contributing.
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