Jason (xaer0knight) wrote in chincohell,

if anyone in intrested... its been a while since i posted anything. There finally something else to do, but unfortunatly its for kids but im going to go. Right near Micheal Jewerly and BBSS shop there is this little ware house/place that has this kick ass halfpipe and a stage. well come to find out that the owner (an old high school class mate) runs it, and he has a DJ 2days of the wk and a live band once a wk. But i find a lot of Emo kids/skaters there and 1-2 goths there, I talked to him and he is looking for DJs... so if you want check it out and maybe i will DJ there soon... Have fun and maybe ill see ya there
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ha, i was there last night

i must say, that is probably the most fun i've ever had on the island
i was with her!
haha. it was fun, but there were only like 7 people. : /
i should of went last nite... but i fell so FREAKING weird. i would be the only person there over 18 or 21 :\ i wonder why all younger girls/women are attracted to me ARGH! i meant some kick ass goths last nite at the carnival, but she was 13 :L(