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I'm originally from the area. I just moved back home from Hawaii (been there 2 years), but in all honesty I've NEVER been to Chincoteague.

I currently reside in New Churh/Pocomoke area and I'm sure it sucks like the rest of this time-warped place, but what is in Chincoteague that is so freaking great? Why do so many people want to vacation here???
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Chincoteague? It can be fun, just got to find the people and the places. I know that you know that there is a Bowling alley is Pocomoke, well someone on this island has sercuried a location and is currently looking for some lanes. So that will be fun. Ive lived on Chincoteague for most my life, my dad grew up here, and tracked my history to about 1890's. Yes, im a 2 or 3 generation chincoteaguer. Most chincoteaguers sound redneckish, but there are a few like me that dont sound like that... now im rambling. Well, the town just put up a Skate Park during the summer, its another place for kids to hang out, they have been fighting for one for over 3-4yrs now :P . There is 3 bars on here, 2 of which has live entertainment. Captain Fish's is owned by a guy i went to school with and has a really god Local band, Callous. Mostly Fish's has cover bands and an okay DJ, DJ Ed Rock. If your into Rap/Hip Hop, thats the place to be. Great prices on drinks, right on the water, a bar/walk way on the water, and a very friendly and tropical feel and mostly importantly no Cover! The other one , Chatties, is more of a bar, occassionaly has live band and a DJ, DJ Tony. Tony tends to play more Modern/Classic Rock than Ed Rock, but Chatties has more of a Redneck aura. Im trying to secure a nite at Fish's for an Industrial/Gothic/Techno/SynthPop nite. Im not the norm around here there seems not to be a great diversity around here until you hit Salisbury, i maybe one of the 3-5 punks/goths here. Winters around here are very peaceful, unlike summer which may take you up to 10 mins to get across the street biking or walking. There are a couple Roleplayers around here like myself, we meet occassionaly to play Vampire: The Masqurade, Call Of Cthulhu, D&D, Cyberpunk 2020, and Magic:The Gathering. The town is mostly filled with christians and the island as a whole is very closeminded and doesnt like change. The island is slowly turning into Ocean City or the Outer Banks, running out the locals and building condos and townhouses. Fights ammong the ranks of land owners and people building. Like the Hampton Inn and Comfort Suites, they overid the local and town regulations of building and went straight to the State, even thou the locals were unpleased and same with the local business owners. Either way you look at anything, there are pluses and minuses of everything. I give it 3-5 yrs before it turns into a 2,000 people town from a 3,500 people. The rate of expansion and population cant keep up. you keep building townhouse and condos but the only ones who rent/own them are tourist that will only use it in the summer for 3-4 months. Because of that less people will be able to afford to live or move here. and that right there is the problems of chincoteague, the biggest one. well, Fish's and Chatties are good, but they dont have special DJ nites, like modays has this type of music and tuesdays have this type, and so on and so forth. I want to change that at fish's. The skate park is fun if you can skate or blade. The skate park is located on Memorial Park, can be fun if you have children, wanta fish, or just be alone on the pier. Assateague Island, is awesome in the summer, lots of people and surfers, you can bike there from chincoteague and walk all over. Shopping, Retail, and Resturants are good ONLY is the summer. There is very few resturants and retail places open in the winter. For instence, Dollar General is very busy in the summer and winter, lots of cheap livers like me around here, and i work there. The only guy there for instance. Have fun, i think i have said eno :) hope this helps. Go to fish's on fridays and sundays, go do something. even tho its winter doesnt mean you have to limit yourself.

Jason (check my profile)
its pretty boring here...sorry im no help

i love your icon by the way