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OMG The dark walker is back. *sports head phone*^^

Halo,This is Sean (The Hunter) Hicks brother to teh Xaer0.
Well well well seems like that place went to hell since I left. Man,I thought it was bad when I was there I was pissed when I saw Wack-a-doo go down...*raises hand* My name is Sean and i'm a gamer.(Hi Sean) Well back in my days on chincoteague I was known as the guy that walked everywhere..or the guy with the headphones that walked everywhere. My days are done there I live elsewhere now. <.< >.> you'll never take me back. Well about myself some more (you conceded bastard)i'm the youngest of the Hicks clan I just to work at the now closing Landmark great place to work well at least for me.^^ Also I used to work and Don's seafood and Wheeler's if anybody remembers that place it's now Ledo's. If anyone remember me feel free to pick up my AIM/YIM I need sleep...*passes out* Zzzz....

Your sleepy half-demon...
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hey bro! have fun... you conceded bastard! :L)
Hey, welcome to the community.